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M/S Bijendra Heavy Electricals a new firm established in May 2003, has been promoted by Shri Bijendra Singh, a pioneer in the field of Generators for the last over twenty years.  Having started manufacturing small generating sets from 5 KVA to 62 KVA, electric motors from 1 hp to 50 hp, D.C. welding rectifiers and diesel engines, way back in 1980, he was the first to introduce rotating field with stator output small generating sets in the market. These have more efficiency as compared to the fixed pole small gen. sets prevalent in the market.  Even the design of the stampings of rotating field generating sets in the market is known as Bijendra design.

After having been a market leader in the field of small gen. Sets for nearly a decade we diversified into the manufacture and trading of gen. Sets from 62KVA to 2000KVA capacity and further introduced BRUSHLESS ALTERNATORS with auto voltage regulators –AVR an electronic circuit designed and developed by us. The generating sets up to 2500KVA in the process of trading were supplied, maintained and operated by our team of workers in very many factories on an annual payment and annual maintenance contract had also been secured from very many establishments.

Having attained complete mastery over them, we undertook a challenging task of the design and manufacture of Alternators coupled with prime movers from the capacity of TWO MEGAWATTS onwards. There is NO OTHER NON GOVT. UNDERTAKING in India manufacturing POWER PLANTS up to the capacity of TEN MEGAWATTS TOTALLY ON ITS OWN without any purchase of technical know how or collaboration. Where as we have manufactured, tested, supplied and got erected and commissioned very many generating sets of the capacity of 3250KVA, 5000KVA, 6000KVA, 12500KVA to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Sky is the limit and the vision manifested in the launching of this firm M/S Bijendra Heavy Electricals is to manufacture Power Plants up to the capacity of 100 MEGAWATTS and above. India is a vast country with ever growing power needs has ecclesiastical technical power plants running at less than half of their efficiency. Huge power cuts resulting in loss of industrial as well as agricultural production have become a way of life. We envisages a dream to be realized of little or no power cuts in the industrial, urban and the agricultural sector resulting in the betterment of the economy.

At Bijendra Heavy Electricals each client or customer carries great value. We just do not sell the product or service but we value the relationship with us which may grow further and forever across all the power needs.
We have the capacity and expertise supported by the team of our employees to undertake: -

Repair/Modification/Efficiency and or capacity enhancement of the existing power plants, Operations, Maintenance and Running of the power plant contract on lease. Setting up of new power plants, We have a tie up with M/S Kanohar Electricals Ltd. for power Transformers and distribution transformers.

The establishment of M/S Bijendra Heavy Electricals, stretches in a vast area of two thousand and two hundred sq.yds. and is equipped with high precision modern equipment for fabrication, machining, winding, fitting and testing. The factory has been located opposite Ramlila ground in Meerut,U.P., India. The initial capital outlay of the project is approximately Rupees 750 lacs. It is employing 75 workers in various categories. It has a Fabrication shop, Machining shop, Winding shop, Testing lab, Store, Electrical and Mechanical maintenance shop, Administrative office, parking lounge, and a security room. We with our team of workers with all the facilities at our disposal are working hard to achieve our goals.