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About Us

Ch. Bijendra Singh, the proprietor and researcher of the company has been a pioneer in the field of Generators for the last four decades. Having started at a small scale, manufacturing small generating sets, DC Welding rectifiers, Diesel Engines and electric motors catering to the needs of SME/Domestic segment, he is the first to introduce Rotating field Generators in the range of 2.5kVA to 250kVA in 1980. These were more efficient than the fixed pole Generating sets prevalent in the market. Even the design of stampings was known as “BIJENDRA DESIGN” in the market. After having been a market leader in this segment for over a decade and a half, contentment was miles away, and he moved into the heavier segment from 300kVA to 1500kVA and introduced brushless alternators with self designed AVRs

And then Ch. Bijendra, fond of taking challenges, with a vision of sky as the limit and a yearning to grow, discontinued all his earlier operations and entered the Heavy Power segment

After rise in the costs of Petro based fuels he researched on an alternative mechanism for power generation with no or less pollution. For 10 years of research he worked on the development of Updraught Producer Gas Generator. The updraught system was the least adopted technology due to lack of research and development in the past. Earlier it was difficult to achieve efficiency in this design.

We researched on this system especially due to its no char characteristics. The other designs of Producer Gas generators has the drawback of leaving a lot of ash and char as residue which simply is a waste of feedstock in big proportion. After a very long research, closely monitoring several factors and parameters, studying the dependency and significance of these parameters i.e. air feed, steam feed, temperature are various zones in reactor, air humidity, gas composition and other factors, we developed the highly efficient Producer Gas Generator.

The Producer Gas Generator running on Municipal Solid Waste and Biomass developed by us is a highly modified version as compared to the traditional designs, generating electricity at a nominal cost. This is an environmental friendly, non-polluting , nonconventional renewable source of energy and is now getting adapted and approved globally.

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